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A personalised RSVP wedding and invitation website that contains all the information about your big day hosted on

Send out a beautiful digital invite to your guest with a link to your website.

This is offered exclusively with all wedding photo packages, free of charge, with Morne Kotze Photo and Design.

What's in the RSVP wedding website

A standard page will include the following:

The wedding site is fully personalised for you.

♥ Info about the sweethearts ♥
♥ The wedding invitation ♥
♥ RSVP form ♥
♥ Details and location of venue ♥
♥ Accomodation suggestions for guest travel from afar ♥
♥ Info about the bridal party ♥
♥ Wedding registry details and website links to your registry on shopping sites ♥
♥ Photo gallery of all your wedding photos so that your guest can download and chersih this moment with you ♥

Features of the RSVP

♥ Only guest on the guest list can RSVP ♥
♥ Guest can change their RSVP status after they have RSVP’ed ♥
♥ Family associated are created and only one person can RSVP for the their family ♥
♥ Guest can add their partners details when they RSVP ♥
♥ Personalised question eg food preference or allergies ♥

The RSVP list can be exported to excel and handed to the wedding organiser and caterer to simplify planning for the wedding.

No need to send emails and following up with guest about catering or accomodation requirements.

This will save you precious time to concentrate on the items that realy matter with your big day.


♥ No worry about invites being lost with snail mail ♥
♥ No website experience needed as I do everything for you ♥
♥ Keep track of who RSVP’ed and who haven’t ♥
♥ Save the enviroment, no printing of invites ♥
♥ Save time and money ♥

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